How to create a Return?

To create a return, simply access the system:

Click Orders -> Manage Orders and search for the order you want to return.

Inside the Order under "Actions", click on Return Order:

After clicking on Return Order a new screen will open and you will select the items that are returning to stock and the quantities.

The reason field is not required.

"Customer info" is the information from where the customer is sending the product.

In shipping info you have two options:

1) If you will create a label and pay for the return of the product, or;

2) If the customer or Amazon, for example, will create and pay the label/return.

In option 1, where you will be responsible for the label, you will need to choose: Label Paid By Store (you will pay for it) and add the product information. Click on Generate RMA and a return will be generated and you can print the label.

In option 2, where the customer or Amazon will generate the label.

Just click Self Return, choose the way the item is returning, and click Generate RMA.

When the return arrives at our Fulfillment center, our team will validate the information and update the system with the quantity that has arrived and whether the item can be restocked.

If you need any help, send a message to that our team will be happy to assist you!