How do I ship my products to Amazon (FBA)?

If you need to ship your products from our warehouse to Amazon, please follow the steps below:

Create a order in our platform

Click on Orders -> Create an Order and in the Order Number field inform the shipment ID (which is in the Amazon System):


In the First Name field inform FBA AMAZON, in the Last Name field FBA AMAZON and in the Company field also FBA AMAZON. The other address fields do not need to be filled in.

In Shipping Option, in Carrier you will select the option Generic and in Methods Generic Label.

In the products field, you will include all the products you want us to ship to Amazon and at the end click on Save Order.

Once the order is created, write a Note for the warehouse packer indicating the need for weights and dimensions or any other instructions you might have (in English or Spanish).

Our team will have up to 2 business days to prepare the order.

Attach the thermal 4x6 labels that Amazon provides to the order by clicking on Upload Attachment in the Attachments section, and also send them to the email