How do I create/register a product?

There are two ways for creating or registering a product in our system, which are:

1. Through an integration with your sales channel where your products will be imported into our system;

2. Adding the products manually.

1. To take the first step by importing your sales channel, you will need to access the system:

Click on My Account -> Stores -> Add New Store (select your sales channel)

Important: in Starting Inventory, select the option "START AT 0".


After connecting in a few minutes the products will be integrated.

2. To add the products manually, you will need to access the system

And the first step will be to register a Vendor/supplier.

To do this, go to Purchase Orders -> Vendors -> Add A Vendor and register the supplier information.

With the Vendor registered, we need to add the product that "we bought" from this vendor.

Go to Inventory -> Products -> Add a Product and then select the Vendor and create the product.

Ready! The product is registered in the system.