How can I use the customer (addressee) account on UPS or FEDEX to submit an order?

For the process to be done correctly, follow the instructions below:

1) Access our fulfillment system at

2) Then click on "Orders → Manager Orders";

3) When opening the order details, in the right field called "Shipment Info", click on the direct pencil-shaped icon;


If the shipment is by UPS:

Carrier: UPS

Methods: select the shipping method, usually UPS Groud (2 to 5 business days).

1) Click "UPDATE".

2) Return to the edit screen, and click again on the pencil next to "Shipment Info" and enter:

Third Party Shipper Number: recipient's account number;

Third Party Shipper Zip: zipcode of the recipient's account;

3) Click on "UPDATE".


If the shipment is by FEDEX:

Carrier: genericlabel

Methods: genericlabel

1) Click "UPDATE".

2) On the order edit screen, locate the "Note for warehouse packer" field and enter the customer's account number and click "Update" =)