How can I manage the shipping carrier and the delivery date?

Whenever you need to change or set a deadline for delivery, It has to be directly by the order management page at:

1) Access the order and in the "Shipment Info" section you will click on the "pencil" to edit.

2) In Carrier you will select the carrier and in "Shipping Method" the delivery method.



→ The deadlines count from the order sent, not from the moment it is registered in our system.



Usually the cheapest way to deliver items up to 2 or 3 Lbs.

USPS Priority Mail: Delivery between 1 and 3 business days.

USPS Ground Advantage: delivery in 2 to 5 business days.

Disadvantage: USPS is a federal public company and, unfortunately like the Post Office, sometimes does not meet delivery deadlines. USPS is the only carrier that delivers packages directly to the home's mailbox.


It has competitive prices for loads from 2 Lbs and, due to our table with discounts of up to 60%, it is usually cheaper than the USPS in these cases.

UPS Ground: most common option for both residential and commercial deliveries, with deliveries between 2 and 5 business days.

UPS 2nd Day Air: guaranteed delivery within 2 business days.

UPS 2nd Day Air AM: guaranteed delivery in the morning of the second business day.

UPS Next Day: guaranteed delivery on the next business day.



Intelligence tool of our system that allows you to determine only what is the deadline for delivery, and it will determine the cheapest option within that period.


Next Day: will select the cheapest option with delivery scheduled for the next business day.

2 Days: will select the cheapest option with delivery scheduled for up to 2 business days.

3 Days to 9 Days: will select the cheapest option with delivery scheduled within that period

Ever: will select the cheapest option among all, regardless of the expected date.



Unfortunately, the USPS delivery delay rate is much higher than that of UPS. Therefore, if you want to guarantee delivery on a certain date, the ideal is to select UPS directly instead of using the "Cheapest" option.


Other Delivery Management Functions:

Within the "Details" area in your order, you have a few options:

Require Signature: Selecting the carrier will only deliver if there is someone at the address, and he will sign confirming receipt. Additional average cost of $3.

Insure Order: Both USPS and UPS insure up to $100 per package. Selecting the option "Insure Order" will open a new box with the title "Insurance Amount" where you can enter the total amount you want to insure. The insurance cost is approximately 1.2% of the reported amount. That is, if you inform that the item being transported has a value of $1,000, the insurance will cost $16 and will cover loss or theft of the item. It does not cover breakages during the delivery process.